About Us

Ewasit is a specialist application and Ewasit Provide customers in Qatar to find the nearest service providers easily and quickly.


Why Choose us

Ewasit is designed to meet all the needs of its customers and cover service providers

  • Meet new customers

    Service providers can find new customers on ewasit. its make to grow your services

  • Grow your revenue

    Service providers can earn a good income from Ewasit. It will further increase your income.

  • Build your online reputation

    Service providers can build your online reputation using Ewasit.


Upgrade Your Skills With Service Finder

Ewasit helps to find new services in Qatar. It provides customers with the nearest services providers to your doorstep. Ewasit provides mobile and web applications that help service providers and customers, it makes it easy for customers to find services and place an order online anywhere. Ewasit upgrades customers’ skills with service finder.


How Service Finder Works

Describe Your Task

Search your services or click the Task tab you want

Choose a Tasker

After selecting your services, you can choose a good tasker.

Live Smarter

Enjoy the services.


Trusted by thousands of people all over the world

We are the largest service providers in Qatar. Service providers love providing service but don't just take our word for it. Hear it from them!


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